Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

Why partner with Recycle Source for your plastic recycling needs?

Recycle Source has recently installed a new Single Stream Recycling line that utilizes the newest developed technologies for separating Plastics from the waste stream. We heavily focus on finding end markets for the material that lands on our tip floor. Constantly striving to recover as many recyclable products that are thrown away in the Tri-State area and get them in the hands of people who turn them back into reusable products.

Single Stream Recycling is a process that allows customers to bring all of their plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, metals and other recyclables to one location. This means there is no need to separate materials before they are recycled. Single stream recycling makes recycling easier for everyone, because one bin can be used for all recyclables instead of having separate bins for different types of materials like some communities might require.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your recycling needs, please give us a call today!

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